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Diablo - Lord of Terror Diablo - Lord of Terror

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Whoa, great job!

Nice job mate, its weird hearing my voice in that considering how long ago it was I recorded for you. *laugh* I remember you showing me some work you did for this so long ago now, its amazing to see it finally come together. :) Nice job.

Cant wait to see more, keep it up mate.


Pico's Berserker Pico's Berserker

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Ummm... okay

I noticed you traced over the art of a good friend of mine. I wonder what Virulent Shuriken would think? Its obvious you traced over art from his Killer Kazuki animation...
Try making your own art.


Lost-Chances responds:

I doubt BlueFlameSkulls copied your bastard's friend's work. If he did, out of all the people's works he could of traced, he had to choose a poor peice of shit called graphics.

Unless you have something intelligent to say, fuck off and die.

Piconjo Jam #21 Piconjo Jam #21

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice Stuff :)

nice movie. Nicely animated and funny as hell. I just have something to say in reply to SammieP who reviewed a little earlier.

Is it me, or does SammieP come off like a wierd stalker? He explains in his review that you guys should come up with your own characters...fair point. But the guy needs to come up with his own life. Instead of being a walking advertisement for his male obsession. If Knox had anything to say, he would of said it. A 'bestfriend' fan-boy groupie should know their place, spouting facts and statistics Knox makes you look more like a nerd and even more pathetic then the people your trying to criticize.

Im not usually one to flame people, Im just here to animate. But that just made me sick!


TehPiconjers responds:

thx 4 teh review, and j00 r right about "SammieT". Knox should get some protection, that guy is scary.
Also, look out in a week for Piconjo Jam #22, SickSexFiend will be making a part ;)

Piconjo <3 j00